WSJ: Saudi Arabia about to Allow Alcohol to be Consumed


Renderings from Neom planning documents for Sindalah island in Saudi Arabia. The resort expects to offer a premium wine bar, a separate cocktail bar and a bar for ‘champagne and desserts.’

Muhammad bin Salman who is the de-facto leader of Saudi Arabia has been talking about diversifying the Saudi economy.  To help him do that, he plans to build a mega project called Neon.  According to the planning documents released by their planning department, it clearly shows that alcohol consumption is going to be a part of the new city.

The site of the island city is Sandalah that sits off the coast of mainland Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.  The Wall Street Journal has viewed documents that show futuristic images of what life would be like at Neom.The documents say that it will serve “champagne and desserts”.  The documents also show that there will be a wine shop.

Pictures that are a part of the package show brands of vodka, whiskey, and wine.  In other pictures women are seen in bikinis.  Sindalah “will ignite the Red Sea as a new destination for superyachts and attract some of the world’s most affluent and influential people,” the planning document said.

While current laws do not allow for alcohol consumption, Neom will have a different set of laws governing it while still being under the control of the Saudi Monarchy.  

Alcohol in the Persian Gulf is not new. The United Arab Emirates allows easy access to booze even during the month of Ramadan.  Qatar and Oman allow patrons to drink alcohol but only in hotels.

Muslims around the world have been praying for the downfall of the Saudi monarchy as King Salman and his son Muhammad do not respect the boundaries set by Allah in Islam.

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