100s of Tech Workers say #NoTechForApartheid in Protest of Google & Amazon’s Partnership with Israel


Over 10 Google employees go public regarding Google and Amazon’s $1.2 billion contract with Israel’s military and government, according to Ariel Koren, a Jewish former Google employee who says she was forced to quit due to her activism and support of Palestinian rights.

She said, they went public to “denounce Project Nimbus and tell our companies, Google and Amazon, that workers say, ‘No to tech for apartheid!’”

Hundreds of Google and Amazon employees demand that the corporations end the deal, known as “Project Nimbus” turning the tech giants AI into possible tools for state terrorism and apartheid in the hands of the Israeli government.

“Project Nimbus is neither Google’s first nor last attempt to try and become a military contractor,” Google software engineer Gabrel Schubiner said during the rally in New York. “Please help us in keeping Google from becoming complicit from apartheid.”

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