Syrian Revolution: 12 Years Today & Counting…


Today marks the 12 year anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution.  The brave men and women fought hard against the decades old grip of oppression the Assad family has had on the people.  As I sit in my office I think back to how frightening and challenging those first few days must have […]

Syria: Foreign Fighters in Limbo


It was 2012 and foreign fighters were pouring in from all around the world to fight against the regime of Bashar Assad.  Many of them sold their possessions back in their home countries and purchased their own weapons to enter into the raging battles.  Assad’s forces were losing territory quickly.  While the Syrian rebel units […]

OGN’s Justice: Safwan from Canada صفوان من كندا

The list of Muhjahideen that have disappeared into the prisons of HTS in Idlib Syria continues to grow. Safwan was arrested more than a year ago without official charge and trial.