‘Sarajevo Safari’ Documents Morbid Extent of Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia


While Muslims had traveled from all over the world to defend the Bosnians, there were other foreigners who had traveled to the war torn country to to take part in the hostilities.

Rich foreigners mostly from Canada, Italy, Russia and the US ventured to Bosnia not for humanitarian missions, nor to help defend the people but to hunt humans in a sadistic “safari” to kill men, women and children for sport and pleasure.

The documentary Sarajevo Safari by Slovenian director Miran Zupanic uncovers the hideous hatred and vileness of many “man-hunters” wealthy individuals that paid large sums of money to the Serbian military, Republika Srpska (RS) Army, to kill the civilians trapped in the city during the four year long siege between 1992 to 1996.

Zupanic describes it saying:

“The ‘Sarajevo Safari’ was a specific, unimaginable type of hunting, hunting people. During the siege of Sarajevo, rich foreigners who paid a certain compensation were allowed to shoot people in the free part of the city from Serbian positions. The victims were civilians, who at that moment found themselves under the sniper fire of those cruel foreigners.”

These terrorist tourists would often fly to Belgrade, which had air traffic with many western countries and would then by brought to Sarajevo by various methods depending on their “package” and status, with some being ferried via helicopter while others were brought along slower land routes.

To kill a child you paid more.”

“What kind of people do this? What is their psychological and societal profile? I think the phenomenon of people who look at other humans as ‘wild animals’ should be given more attention. To discover what their morals are and what we ‘ordinary people’ are in their eyes?”

Miran Zupanic, Director of ‘Sarajevo Safari’
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