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Syrian Revolution: 12 Years Today & Counting…


Today marks the 12 year anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution.  The brave men and women fought hard against the decades old grip of oppression the Assad family has had on the people.  As I sit in my office I think back to how frightening and challenging those first few days must have […]

An alarming increase in the number of Rohingya dead at sea


The situation of the Rohingyas is desperate, notes the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “UNHCR has recorded an alarming increase in the death toll. At least 348 people died or went missing at sea in 2022, making it one of the deadliest years since 2014,” said Shabia Mantoo, spokesperson for the […]

16 dead in a crash in Ukraine, including the Minister of the Interior.


Ukraine’s interior minister was killed in a helicopter crash near kyiv, local police said Wednesday morning. The crash killed nearly 16 people, including two children, local authorities said. At least 16 people including the Ukrainian interior minister and two children were killed in a helicopter crash on Wednesday near kyiv, national police said. “We have […]

Lebanese army forcibly returns Syrian refugees (VIDEO)


The Lebanese army forcibly deports Syrian refugee families to the Syrian border and hands them over to the checkpoint of the Syrian army’s Fourth Division.

Spokesperson of Erdogan’s Party “AKP” hits back at Assad’s regime (VIDEO)


Spokesperson of Erdogan’s Party “AKP” hits back at Assad’s regime. Omer Celik, has responded to statements by the Assad regime that his country ‘is not an occupying power in Syria’, following demands by the Assad regime to end what he called the occupation of Syrian lands.

Oil: Iran deals a blow to the Assad regime (VIDEO)


Iranian officials have informed their Syrian counterparts that the cheap oil and credit ride is now over. The price, literally overnight, just doubled for the Damascus based regime to over $70 a barrel. The Iranians have also informed them that fuel payments must be made in advance. This is a devastating blow to Assad and […]

Tunisian President Doesn’t Recognize the Date of the Revolution (VIDEO)


As the Tunisian president continues to lose popularity, his security forces try to prevent protestors from gathering. Is Tunisia heading for a corrective revolution?

Indian Muslims Under Intense Pressure as Attacks Mount (VIDEO)


Australia refuses to allow it’s cricket team to play against the Afghan team. However it is preparing to play against the Indian team ignoring the atrocities on the ground.

Guantanamo Prison Camp: Time the Muslims took things into their Own Hands


Why is Guantánamo Bay prison camp still open after 21 years?  This is a question that is asked every January for the past twenty years.  It is my opinion that we, as Muslims, are missing the point.  The United States of America is a nation-state.  It has interests.  Interests are always balanced by other powers […]

المعارضة السورية تناشد الشعب التركي(فيديو)


أبو عبد الشيداء يناقش مقطع الفيديو الأخير الذي نشره يناشد الشعب التركي