Turkey-Russia-Syria: Tripartite meeting in Moscow


Turkey announced the shape of a definitive solution to the Syrian issue, in Ankara’s first official statement, after a tripartite meeting that included its defense minister with his Russian and Syrian counterparts (Assad regime). 

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said he stressed at the meeting that “the solution to the Syrian crisis must be in accordance with UN Resolution 2254, including all parties.” Akar added: “Ankara respects the territorial integrity of Syria, and its objective is to fight only against terrorism”, considering that “the Moscow meeting can seriously contribute to stability in Syria”.

He stressed that “thanks to the efforts that will be made in the coming days, serious contributions can be made to bring peace and stability to Syria and the region”. Yesterday Wednesday, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reported that the Russian capital, Moscow, was hosting a meeting between the defense ministers of Turkey, Russia and Syria (the Assad regime) and the heads of the intelligence services of the three countries.

The agency added: “Turkish-Russian-Syrian meeting in Moscow discussed the Syrian crisis, the refugee problem and the joint fight against terrorist organizations in Syria.”

He said that it was agreed during the meeting, which was held in a “constructive” atmosphere, to “continue the tripartite meetings in order to ensure and maintain stability in Syria and in the region”. It should be noted that the former US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, said that the Turkish government would get nothing if it met the Assad regime.

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