The BJP & Conservative Party are ‘Sister Parties’ Says British MP Priti Patel


While streets in the UK see violence from Hindu extremism similar to what might be expected in India from RSS and BJP members it should could as little surprise given the close ties between the ruling Conservative Party and India’s BJP, according to former Home Secretary Priti Patel. Patel said in June:

“I think our two parties [Conservative and BJP] are sister parties and that helps. Not only are the roots strong but they are accelerating and that’s because of the people to people ties. We are rooted together.”

In terms of immigration and the type of people she would like to see she alludes to the same concept, declaring:

“When it comes to people to people movement or migration, they should not necessarily be in trade agreements … We have introduced a points-based immigration system, a brand-new digital immigration system. That is up and running, it’s working. And, the nationality that tops the list is India.”

India is the leading nationality for skilled workers and students coming to the UK. On immigration Patel has been vocal that immigrants must earn a minimum of £36,000 to maintain their status.

Patel is no stranger to controversy, she was forced to resign under former PM Theresa May when it was revealed that Patel had, under the pretext of going on holiday, held secret meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli ministers. It was also revealed that Patel was seeking to allocate funds meant for international aid towards the Israeli military.

Patel is also a staunch defender and promoter of Modi, whom she has championed in the British press and parliament on several occasions.

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