The Assad regime arrests one of the refugees returning from Lebanon.


The Assad regime’s security services arrested a Syrian refugee returning from Lebanon to regime-controlled areas in Syria, as part of the so-called “voluntary return”.

Local sources said security forces arrested the young man, Majd Tafiliya, from the town of Jarajir in western Qalamoun in the Damascus countryside, three days after he returned from Lebanon.

She added that Tafiliya was among those to report to the settlement center in the town of Fleita in western Qalamoun, which was opened by the regime’s intelligence services inside the primary school and reserved for returnees from Lebanon. He entered with the convoy through the “Al-Zamrani” border post on the outskirts of Qalamoun, and received a summons to the “installation center”, within 72 hours.

The sources said that after the young man went to the center to conduct the security settlement process, Political Security immediately issued an arrest warrant for him and he was transferred to the branch office in the capital, Damascus. This young man had been living in the Arsal region of Lebanon since 2014, and returned to Syria after the Lebanese government provided him with security guarantees.

Local sources previously reported the death of a father and son under torture in the Assad regime’s Sednaya prison, after returning from Rukban camp in Jordan, to regime areas in rural Homs. The Palmyra and Syrian Badia Tribes Council said on its Facebook page that Moayad Al-Obeid and Abdel Aziz Al-Obeid died under torture in Sednaya prison, where they hail from the two villages east of Homs. A few weeks ago, young Ali Al-Shafei died in Sednaya prison a year after his arrest, when he had also returned from the “Rukban” camp. The regime asked his family to come to Homs to receive his identity and death certificate, without explaining the causes of death.

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