Qatar’s Emir speaks on Syria, Palestine & ‘Refugee Crisis’


At the 77th UN General Assembly the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani said:

“The [UN ]Security Council must shoulder its responsibility and must compel Israel to end the occupation of Palestinian territories and to establish a Palestinian state along the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

“[Israel’s ]failure to implement international resolutions, and in light of the continuous change of the situation on the ground, the occupation and its settlement activities, is pursuing a policy of fait accompli. I stress that we stand in full solidarity with the brotherly Palestinian people in their aspiration to achieve justice.”

He commented on several aspects of the events in Syria showing the global relevance and importance of justly addressing the issues there. He spoke about the ill effects of leaving the war crimes of Assad, Putin and Iran unchecked saying:

“The international community failed to hold the war criminals in Syria accountable for what they had perpetrated. And in furtherance of the disillusionment, some are seeking to turn the page on the tragedy of the Syrian people without a quid pro quo while ignoring the great sacrifices made by this afflicted people without a solution to achieve their aspirations, the unity of Syria and its peace and stability.”

He expressed concern for the legitimacy and benefit of the so called “political process” currently championed by many Syrians in exile and some Assad allies saying:

“The United Nations should not accept that the political path can be summed up in the so-called constitutional committee and under its auspices.”

He succinctly addressed the global issues of refugees and displacement by noting they are resultant of war, oppression and untenable conditions in country’s of origin, such as Syria, and the solution to the “refugee crisis” is in looking to the the cause of the issue.

“The Syrian case presents an important lesson regarding the consequences of the absence of a long-term vision from the active forces of the international community when it comes to addressing peoples’ suffering from absolute tyranny, extreme poverty and civil wars before the ensuing repercussions, such as asylum, become the problem that needs to be resolved.”

“We must pay attention to the roots of the issues before their impacts knock on the doors of our countries, soon enough, accompanying phenomena such as the refugee issues become the problems that we actually have to focus on.”

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