Over 50 Dead as Refugees Fleeing Lebanon Drown Near Tartous


Between 53 and 81 refugees, including women and children, have died at sea as their boat sunk while the tried to reach Greece, likely en-rout to Europe. The news comes on the Tail of a speech by Turkey’s Erdogan at the UN where he mentioned no one wanted to see images of drown children while referring to the plight of refugees.

The boat which left Minya beach in Lebanon was headed towards Cyprus when it sank off the Al-Mentar area at the Lebanese-Syrian border. The ship was carrying 170 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian refugees when it left before tragically sinking near Arwad Island in Tartous Governorate.

There have been conflicting reports on causalities from various outlets and agencies on the ground, placing the number between 53 and 81, while over a dozen refugees have been reported rescued and transferred to hospital for recovery the full outcome of this tragedy are as of yet not fully known.

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