Northern Syria Conflict: Where are we now?


A very important gathering is slated to take place tomorrow in Ankara, Turkey to decide the fate of several different groups that participated in last week’s incursion into the Olive Branch/Euphrates Shield areas.  HTS briefly occupied the cities of Janderes, Afrin, and a bunch of villages.  His forces pushed all the way up to the gates of the city of Azaz before Turkish forces intervened and a ceasefire was called.

There are also, thus far, unconfirmed rumors that the US State Department is considering adding names to the international terrorist list from several groups in north eastern Syria that aided and abetted Jolani’s forces to take over those cities.

Jolani’s forces returned to Idlib and while there are still clashes taking place amongst the different factions, quiet has prevailed for the most part.

The crisis began with the assassination of Syrian activist Abu Ghanoum in the city of Al Bab.  The suspects were pursued and apprehended.  They all belonged to the group Al Hamzaat which is headed by Said Abu Bakr.  As the authorities in Al Bab apprehended the suspects, HTS entered the territories and were aided by Al Hamzaat and Abu Amshaat and his forces.

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