New massacre of the Assad regime, hundreds of families flee the area


The refugee camps near the city of Idlib have seen a major movement of displacement, after the horrific massacre committed by the Assad regime this morning in the Maram Watan camp, which claimed the lives of 8 people including 2 children and about 75 injured. According to the “Syrian Response Coordinators” team, the number of camps hit by shelling is 9, and the damage targeted more than 22 tents.

The team indicated that there is a movement of hundreds of civilians from the targeted camps and neighboring camps to other areas for fear of further bombardment. He explained that the number of displaced families displaced by the recent bombings is more than 3,488 families.

The team said: « the repeated bombardments of camps, including camps supported or built by the United Nations, including the Assad regime, have become a matter of great concern and demonstrate the lack of commitment by all military authorities to prevent the targeting of civilians, especially camps. » The team has called for a broad and comprehensive international investigation characterized by absolute impartiality and transparency into recent crimes committed by Assad’s forces and all parties.

The team warned that this bombardment works on a policy of demographic change for the civilian population of the region by forcing thousands of civilians to be repeatedly displaced. Al-Assad forces targeted, with missiles loaded with cluster bombs, a number of camps on the outskirts of Idlib, which led to a horrific massacre of civilians living in these camps.

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