Man Accused of Assaulting & Murdering Child Killed


Northern Syria was aghast over the last few days as a child, Yassin Mahmoud, an Iraqi refugee, was kidnapped, raped and murdered. The murderer had dumped his body in front of his house in the Mahatta neighborhood, Ras Al-Ain. The suspect was identified as Mustafa Salama, a member of Suqur al-Shamal military faction and arrested by the military police.

Throughout the day protests and gatherings were held throughout the city, and people gathered outside of the police station demanding that the man be killed. People gathered at the home of Yassin’s parents in a show of solidarity. There were solidarity gatherings demanding accountability for the perpetrator held in various cities throughout the north as news of the abhorrent act and horrific photographs of Yassin’s autopsy spread through social media.

The suspect, Mustafa Salama, was killed in an ambush while in transit by the military police to prison in Ras al-Ain. Soldiers of the National Army blocked the path of the military police and shot the suspect, killing him instantly. The city later erupted in celebratory gunfire as the news of the killing spread and the soldiers have been lauded as heroes by the people. At least one youth was injured by the gunfire.

The suspect Mustafa Salama
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