Liz Truss Considering Embassy Move to Jerusalem


In recent days, Liz Truss – the Prime Minister of the UK announced a decision to consider moving the British embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

This decision has been met with condemnation from the Palestinian people and others around the world including, UK Archbishop of Canterbury, The Arab league and more. 

A letter has now been written by Muslim leaders in Jerusalem to the new King Charles III about their concern and comdenation of the proposed move. 

Islamic Waqf leaders and two grand muftis of Palestine and Jerusalem wrote in a joint letter to King Charles III: 

“We oppose moving the British embassy to Jerusalem since we understand it, as a message to the universe that the UK, in contrary to the international law and the Status Quo, accepts the continuing Israeli illegal military occupation of the Palestinian territories, the Israeli unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem and the Israeli illegal Judaisation measures in the Holy City.”

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