Iran’s Khamenei Appears After Rumors of his Death & Poor Health


Following rumors circulating about his failing health and false reports online about his death, Iran’s Supreme Leader ‘Ayatollah’ Ali Khamenei, at 83, he has been Supreme Leader since 1989. This isn’t the first time reports of his poor health had to speculation of his death or inability to lead.

Despite reports in the New York Times alleging Khamenei was too ill to sit up or walk and that he was “greatly ill” the cleric appeared in images Saturday showing him waving and walking slowly to his seat for a the “Arabeen” a shia celebration commemorating the end of forty days of mourning the death of Hussein bin Ali ibn Abi Talib. This was the first time in two years the celebration was held due to a moratorium on public gatherings due to the coranavirus pandemic.

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