Has Washington Given Turkey the Green Light?


Has the Washington Green Lit Turkey’s Coming Offensive?

“Turkey does continue to suffer a legitimate terrorist threat, particularly to their south. They certainly have every right to defend themselves and their citizens,” National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, John Kirby, told reporters.

Turkish forces have been targeting Kurdish militiamen in their offensive entitled Operation Claw-Sword.  Their attacks have hit targets in both northern Syria and Iraq.  PKK aligned forces have responded with peppering Azaz and it’s surrounding territories with armaments of their own.  Last night 5 people were killed with 8 injured in rocket attack that slammed into a building in the marketplace area of Azaz.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan stated that, “(Turkey) will not be restrained; this counterterrorism operation, both from the air and the land, will continue”

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