Bilal Abdul Kareem’s Personal Statement Regarding the Death of Queen Elizabeth


As the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth, I find that I am indifferent regarding the matter. The affections of the Muslim ummah are reserved for those who were sympathetic to our just cause and struggle. Queen Elizabeth was not known to support our struggle throughout the years as the US created massacre after massacre in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places.  Quite the contrary! The Queen’s army of Great Britain participated in those conflicts alongside the Americans.

The Queen was also not known for her support on countless other crises that faced the Muslim Ummah during her 70 year rein.  Some have praised her for being “mostly silent, dignified, and above politics”.  I must admit I don’t know what is praiseworthy about seeing injustices and being silent on it (at best), however the participation of British forces during her reign in unjustified wars demanded her to publicly separate herself from their actions if she didn’t support their actions.  The reality is that she did not.

May Allah bless this Ummah to be a just and balanced nation.  Ameen.

-Bilal Abdul Kareem


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