Assad’s regime has lost almost a million employees


The Assad regime has acknowledged that the private sector has lost around 900,000 employees due to harsh living conditions in areas it controls.

According to statistics published by the Assad regime’s Damascus chamber of industry, “private sector losses amounted to more than 300 billion SP (250 billion in Aleppo, 2.5 billion in Hama, 3 billion in Homs, and the rest in Damascus and its countryside).

And she pointed out that “most companies lack modern management and technology. Old machinery and equipment have been used there, especially in the public sector due to the difficulties of replacing and renewing them. The low cost of wages leads to poor production technology.”

The Assad regime previously announced that “Bashar al-Assad” issued a decree, in the middle of this month, to return a financial subsidy for employees and pensioners in Syria, amounting to approximately 16 US dollars. .

It should be noted that the areas controlled by the Assad regime are experiencing several crises, the most important of which is the shortage of fuel reaching astronomical prices. Wages are no longer enough for families after a few days.

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