American Citizen who Served 17 Years on Terror Charges Barred Entry into Europe


US citizen John Walker Lindh, who is called the American Taliban, was denied entry into the Port of Malaga and Portugal five days ago.  Lindh plead guilty to supplying services to the Taliban and carrying an explosive during the commission of a felony in 2002.  He was arrested in Afghanistan just after US forces attacked the country and served 17 of a 20 year sentence.  Former president Donald Trump tried to block his early release.

“What bothers me more than anything else is that here’s a man who has not given up his proclamation of terror, and we have to let him out. Am I happy about it? Not even a little bit,” Trump said.

Lindh was denied entry on the 25th of November while trying to disembark from a Norwegian Sun cruiser. The ship also stopped at Lisbon, Gran Canaria, Gibraltar and Cadiz as well, however it is not clear if Lindh tried to disembark.

Lindh is a former Catholic who converted to Islam before traveling to Afghanistan to help the Afghan people.  He campaigned for prisoner’s rights while incarcerated and has been free from prison since 2019.

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