85% of the Population in Northern Syria are Unemployed


The team of “Syrian Response Coordinators” has confirmed that the problem of unemployment among the local community in northwestern Syria is one of the most pressing problems that require radical solutions, especially with  its negative effects in many aspects of everyday life, including youth migration, high crime rates and increasing levels of poverty among civilians in the region.

The team pointed out in a statement today, Thursday, that unemployment rates among the civilian population in northwestern Syria have reached an average of 85%, indicating that 65% of the local male population and 92% of women, 87% of displaced men, and 96% of displaced women are unemployed.

The team highlighted the reasons for unemployment in northern Syria, which are represented mainly by lack of job opportunities, lack of sufficient experience, lack of national training and skills, lack of practical experience for most graduates; lack of follow-up and support from the place of their graduation. 

The team presented solutions and proposals to help solve the problem of unemployment, including linking education and training to market needs, proposing alternatives and working to set up projects to accommodate the greatest amount of  labour, offering new employment opportunities for young people and financial support for small projects, and paying attention to small industries and crafts, which would attract a large part of the workforce if the necessary support was provided.

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