My Country’s Betrayal, Exposed by Ukraine War


…I know why I didn’t see anything but empty words (if that) from my country towards the acts of Russia on Syria; it is because those who lead my country and the media that indoctrinates the people of my country are racist hypocrites – for this reason, the only way a man found fit to […]

Displaced widow dies after being shot in the head by HTS


By OGN Staff After spending 18 days in a coma, Fatima al-Hamid died yesterday and was laid to rest today under the gaze of her four orphaned children. She sustained a bullet wound to the head 18 days ago after a member of HTS “security” forces targeted her as she attempted to smuggle a few […]

UK foreign secretary ‘absolutely supports’ Britons going to fight in Ukraine


By OGN Staff In a change of rhetoric to how the UK’s Foreign Office viewed British Muslims in wars overseas, the foreign secretary of the UK said she absolutely supports UK citizens who want to volunteer in defence of Ukraine. Truss said, “Absolutely if people want to support that struggle, I would support them doing […]

Western Silence to Russian Crimes in Syria Led to Ukraine


By OGN Staff In September 2015 the Russian military entered Syria in the hope of propping up the Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad. At this time the Assad regime was on the brink of collapse as its Alawite stronghold of Lattakia was under serious threat from revolutionary forces. The intervention by Russia swung the war in […]

Expelled Muhajir: ‘HTS Laughed as they told us we were Expelled’


‘after we expel you from the city, we will expel the immigrants from Kefraya and Al-Fu`ah’, he said while laughing. Words of a HTS security force member to a muhajir OGN Staff After being informed of the decision to evict them from their homes by HTS, many families of muhajirin have begun leaving their homes […]

Foreign Fighters Fingerprinted and set to be Evicted in Idlib


OGN Staff As we reported yesterday, in the past few days more than a dozen muhajir families living in Idlib city have been handed eviction orders by HTS. Upon reporting to the local municipality to further enquire about and to contest the decision, they had their photos, full names and even fingerprints taken. The families, […]

HTS Gives Muhajireen Families Four Days to Leave their Homes in Idlib, Syria


OGN Staff HTS has notified more than a dozen Muhajir families from different parts of the world that they have four days to vacate their ghaneema homes in Idlib, Syria. A ghaneema house is a home that was confiscated by rebel forces from known supporters of the previous regime of Bashar al-Assad, including members of […]

Kidnapped & Tortured 6yr Old Syrian Boy Safe at Home


6 year old Fawaz al-Qatifan who was kidnapped in Daraa, Syria, was released yesterday, after his family paid the required ransom money and was reported to be in good health. Fawaz’s father, Mohammad al-Qatifan, said the kidnappers left Fawaz outside a pharmacy in Nawa, west of Daraa, where he waited till he was reunited with […]

HTS security forces Kill Displaced Widow in Syria


On Thursday, 10th February 2022, Fatima al-Hamid, a displaced widow supporting four young orphans, was fatally shot in the head by HTS security forces at a checkpoint on the border between Atmah in Idlib and Deir Balut in northern rural Aleppo. According to local media, Fatima was traveling to Atmah from Deir Balut to smuggle […]

Stop HTS Torture Techniques #4 in Syria: Beating Muslim Women


Bilal Abdul Kareem demonstrates the 4th torture technique Abu Muhammad Jolani uses on Muslim women in his prisons in Idlib, Syria. Demand Jolani stop torturing detainees and sign the Prisoner’s Covenant. More info: Sign the Covenant: https://chng.it/6vNTYBBdt9 English visit: https://ognreports.news/faq/ Arabic: https://ognreports.news/sumar/ #signtheprisonerscovenant