Three Muslim Men Beaten by Vigilantes in India


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved A 35-year-old Muslim driver of a pick-up van was mercilessly beaten up by vigilantes in Mathura’s Raal village of Uttar Pradesh state, on Sunday night, over suspicion of ‘ferrying beef and smuggling cattle’ in his vehicle. Several videos of the driver, identified as Mohammad Aamir, being thrashed by 2-3 men with belts while his […]

The Kashmir Files: New Indian Movie Flagged as Provoking Violence


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved Controversy erupted after two videos from theaters showing a newly released Indian movie, ‘Kashmir Files’, went viral. The controversial movie left many theatre goers with the impression it is targeting women belonging to the Muslim minority Uttar Pradesh state in India. Samajwadi, a political party Member of Parliament in […]

Fundamental Rights Under Fire in Narendra Modi’s India

BY AKHLAD KHAN @BawaNaaved The hijab row came to light on January 1 at Government PU College in Udupi of Karnataka state in India, where six female Muslim students were barred from entering classrooms wearing hijab. The students held a press conference, where they said that permission was sought but college authorities refused to let them enter […]

Female Muslim Students Barred from Class in India


BY AKHLAD KHAN @BawaNaaved Muslim Female’s Veil-Hijab Center of Controversy In India. A day after more than 100 boys, belonging to an Hindu dominion, arrived at the Government PU College in Kundapur constituency of Karnataka wearing saffron shawl (Saffron Hindu religious cloth) to register their protest against Muslim girls wearing headscarves inside the classrooms, the College authorities […]

Indian PM Modi Silent on Genocidal Calls


By Akhlad Khan @BawaNaaved Recurring rhetoric, this time in the biggest State of India, Uttar Pradesh, demanding India declare itself as a Hindu nation was heard by attendees of the ongoing Magh Mela-2022, on Saturday. At the same time,  former Indian President Abdul Kalam Azad and others were declared part of the family and a […]