Summary English

The Prisoners Covenant is a set of rules and regulations regarding the treatment of detainees that the Syrian people, and those Muhajireen who came to their assistance, are demanding of HTS to follow. It is not suitable that 10 years after the start of the revolution, the Syrian people still have no document to show what their rights are and are not should there be a dispute with the authorities. The Prisoners Covenant is a document that calls for:
-A Fair and transparent judicial process
-No Torture
-Confessions made under torture must be ignored by the courts
-No Indefinite Detention
-And more…
The full document can be found by clicking here.
Therefore we, the Syrian people, those who sincerely came to help them, and those who demand justice around the world are calling upon Abu Muhammad Jolani, as the defacto leader of Idlib and it’s surrounding countryside, to adopt these measures written in this document so that Islamic justice can be established and the Syrian people can return to the path that this revolution started on and concentrate their full efforts upon the removal of Bashar Asad and all of those who assist him in his crimes.