US Muslim Voters Wary of Fake Muslim Candidate


Mehmet Oz is running for the state Senate in the key US State of Pennsylvania in midterm elections tomorrow.  He identifies himself as being a Muslim.  However Muslim communities have not embraced his candidacy as they have done with other politicians such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Keith Ellison.  Is it perhaps that Muslims in America are finally starting to wake up?  Have they finally started to realize that these individuals do not hold Islamic values and are simply politicians who either have Islamic sounding names or are originally from or are emigrants from Muslim lands?

Mehmet OZ is no different.  By his own words OZ describes himself as a “secular Muslim”.  Exactly what is a secular Muslim?  That is similar to saying that a woman is in the postpartum phase yet is still pregnant.  You can’t be both.  The very definition of the religion of Islam means that one has submitted his or her will to the Creator Allah. Saying that one is secular automatically says that they do not submit the rulings that the Lord of the Worlds has made clear.

For example he has stated in an interview, “We don’t want Sharia Law in America.”  He then went on to say, “I don’t want any of these religious fanatics playing a role in American society, and I would work aggressively to block them.”

A doctor by trade who later became a TV personality and hosted his own show, Oz once presented a program in support of encouraging gender surgery for children.  In the program there were families and a doctor that were all in complete support of toddlers who were ‘not comfortable in their bodies’ should be allowed to become the opposite sex if that is what they wanted.

So it is not clear whether Muslim voters in America are avoiding Dr. Oz because it is clear that he is not Muslim either in belief or practice or it may be because he is endorsed by former president Donald Trump.

After watching the policies of Ilhan Omar dancing with large men dressed as women, it is possible that Muslims voting in tomorrow’s mid-term elections are finally realizing that their support should be reserved for those who share their values.

As for Oz’s connection to the Muslim community in Pennsylvania, Imam Abdullah Pocius said regarding him, “He definitely does not excite us. He’s not even a blip on the radar.”

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