Ukraine Losses Possible Catalyst for Russia’s Increased Aggression in Syria


The commander of the US Central Air Force, General Alexus Grynkewich confirmed that the Russian forces have become more aggressive in Syria since the invasion of Ukraine and said that the American forces are facing increasing pressure both in the air and on the ground from the Russians. On the ground, with armed Russian planes flying overhead.

General Alexus Grynkewich

Pilots and navigators are in close contact with the Russians every day, intercepting and escorting them and making sure our forces on the ground remain safe in Syria and Iraq as they continue the fight against ISIS.

It has also been observed that Russian strikes in Syria, especially against “terrorists” often correlates with heavily losses in Ukraine or actions of other state actors like Israel. It seems Russia is eager to maintain its “prestige” in the eyes of its clients and perhaps own troops and public at the the expense of the Syrian people. Which is none to surprising considering that Putin and his military have boasted of using Syria as a testing ground for weapons and tactics.

One of many recent Russian following losses in Ukraine this month
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