Two women killed and mutilated by an SDF leader.


A leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” killed two women and mutilated their bodies after attacking them.  This was an act of revenge for the two women’s cousin who was involved in a relationship with the sister of the commander.  The commander then fled. 

Private local sources told “Aleppo Today” that the two victims are Izdihar Nabil Muhanna, who is single, and his brother’s wife, “Naglaa Abdul Hakim Fateeh”, from the Ashira (tribe) Al-Mashhadha.  Which comes from the village of Hawaij Al-Boumsaa.

The source explained that Jihad Munir Al-Ahmad, who is the companion of the leader Jalal Al-Khabil, who is the brother of Ahmad Khabil, the commander of the Military Council of Deir Ezzor.  Apparently Jihad was involved in a relationship with Jalal’s sister, who is around 25.  The Khabil family found out about the alleged relationship and kidnapped Jihad last Thursday. He was detained, tortured for a whole day, and had his ear cut off. Afterwards he was released.

After he was released, relatives of the commander found photos of Jalil Al-Khabil’s sister on the phone of Jihad, so he equipped a military patrol and raided the house of Jihad. Jihad then fled to areas controlled by the Assad regime. After searching his uncles’ homes without finding Jihad, the patrol agents arrested his cousin Izdihar Nabil Muhanna and his cousin’s wife Najlaa Abdul Hakim Fateeh. The patrol then proceeded to the village of Muhaimidah and arrested other members of Jihad’s family.

SDF members tortured the men, then forced the women to strip naked and forced their relatives to see them, before releasing them. They assaulted/raped the women collectively and were taken to an area on the outskirts of Al-Sour, before each being executed with a bullet to the head. Attempts by some notables to free the women failed.

The source noted that this transgression is not the first of its kind against the Arab clans. The regions east of the Euphrates have been the scene of several demonstrations by Arab clans against the “SDF” forces, which have resulted in casualties and injuries.

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