Thousands Demonstrate Against the High Cost of Living in Morocco


Several thousand Moroccans demonstrated on Sunday against the high cost of living and political repression, at the call of left-wing organizations, against a backdrop of accelerating inflation and rising social discontent. This national march, one of the largest in recent months, brought together around 3,000 people in the center of the capital Rabat, according to journalists present, in the absence of an official estimate.

It was organized by the Moroccan Social Front (FSM), which brings together political parties and left-wing trade unions. “The people want lower prices”, “The people want to bring down despotism and corruption”, chanted the demonstrators. “We came to protest against a government that embodies the marriage of money and power and supports monopoly capitalism”, said WSF national coordinator Younès Ferachine.

Coming from all over the kingdom, the demonstrators also denounced all forms of political, anti-union and freedom of expression repression, while several bloggers and journalists, critics of the government, are imprisoned.

“This is an unacceptable regression”, said Younès Ferachine. For their part, pro-Palestinian activists have castigated the normalization with Israel since December 2020, which is not going well with a good part of the population. Many Palestinian flags were visible in the parade.

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