Taliban Interior Ministry Held Meeting on Kabul’s Security Situation


Following a series of attacks in Kabul City acting Minister of Interior Alhaj Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani today held a security meeting with the officials of the Kabul Province Police Headquarters and the commanders of the districts in Adana of the Ministry of Interior.

Acting Minister of Interior listened to the report of the work activities of the governors of Kabul Province and thanked them for their service to their countrymen.

In his speech, Mr. Wazir, instructed the officials to employ professional and uniformed officers in patrols and at check points to properly deal with the affairs of the people.

He also instructed all officials and employees of the Kabul Police Headquarters to make more efforts to secure the security of Kabul Province so that the security of their countrymen can be ensured.

In the end, all officials assured Minister Haqqani, that they will do their best to ensure better security in Kabul the Province.

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