Suffering in Northern Syria Continues


Despite the silence in the media, the war in Syria is still ongoing. Bombardment and warjet activity takes place frequently throughout each day. Millions of people remain in dire conditions in refugee camps hundreds of miles away from their homes. With no signs of the ability to return. This is due to the sporadic, unpredictable and ongoing shelling and bombardment by regime and Russian forces. 

Today alone, Russian and regime forces have used warjets and heavy artillery to bomb and shell several towns and villages including: shelled San in eastern rural Idlib, Al-Baara, Ruwayha and other parts of southern rural Idlib, Kabinah mountains and other parts of rural Lattakia and rural Jisr al-Shughour in western Idlib. All the while, Russian and regime reconnaissance fly over the liberated areas on a constant basis. In recent weeks refugee camps themselves have also been targeted by warjets. 

Other parts of the north namely Azaz and Al-Bab and their surroundings are a common target for SDF militia shelling, further narrowing the number of places safe deemed safe for refugees and civilians. 

With winter on its way, people fleeing and unable to return to their homes, the world economy going through crisis, shortage in charity fundings and regime/Russian aggression continuing, the people of Syria are continuing to suffer with no sign of respite in the near future.

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