Somali President says Civilians Risk Being Collateral Damage


Following the latest drone attack in Somalia, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called on civilians to leave Shabaab territories or else they’d risk losing their life or being injured.

“We warn every Somali to stay away from Shabaab territories, every Shabaab operative is a target. Don’t go their courts, don’t attend their public gatherings”, said the President speaking at a conference in Mogadishu.

“We’ll strike them, we’ll raid them. Don’t lose your life or get injured while being in their vicinity”, he added.

The President’s remarks were criticized by some as it carried the same rhetoric used by Shabaab who also “urge civilians to stay away from hotels” which the group often targets.

Civilians living in rural towns often lose their lives in indiscriminate drone strikes carried out by the United States.

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