Six Syrians, Including Children, Die in Failed Attempt to Reach Europe


Six Syrians, including two women and two children, died after their boat was lost for several days at sea and their food ran out while trying to reach Italy via Greece. The victims come from the city of Mohassan, east of Deir Ezzor, and were found by an Italian ship the morning of September 11.

This comes amid a recent new push of refugees attempting to reach Europe due to mounting preasure in host countries like Turkey and Lebanon. Where, in the last few months anti-Syrian sentiments have to several attacks, murders, forced deportations and threats of involuntary return.

It’s of note that the UN and human rights organization have repeatedly stressed that Syria is not a safe for refugees, especially those who are returned to Assad, Russian and Iranian occupied areas as they often are depraved of their property, and freedom and many face torture and imprisonment with death a high likelihood for many.

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