Shelling of Turkish Town Virtually Assures Turkish Invasion


Suspected PKK fighters have fired rockets into Turkish territory injuring ten people in the small border town of Karkamis according to the interior minister Sulayman Soylu.  This comes as a seeming response to Turkish warplanes who’ve been shelling PKK sites in the region the past 3 days.  

Turkey’s position is that the PKK are terrorists and holds them responsible for last week’s bombing that rocked Istanbul killing 6 people and injuring 80.  The PKK has denied any involvement in the attack.

Turkish President Recep Tribe Erdogan said, “(Turkey) will not be restrained; this counterterrorism operation, both from the air and the land, will continue”…..

He went on to say that Turkey would not “remain silent against terrorism” and would take action if Russia “failed to do so.” “As such, we have struck and eliminated 12 terrorist nests in Ain al-Arab (Kobani)”.

Kurdish shelling of Turkish territory will make it difficult for the Turkish president to cool down and scale back his plans in north eastern Syria, if he even has that intention.   The Turkish president also made it clear that a ground operation may be imminent wherein he stated, “This is not limited to just an air operation”.

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