Shabaab Takes Responsibility for Mogadishu Massacre


The Somalia based militant group Al Shabaab have taken responsibility for twin blasts that ripped through an already war scarred but busy section of Mogadishu this past Saturday.  In a message posted by Shabaab they stated that they targeted the Ministry of Education for the explosions because it was an institution that was waging a “war on minds”.  It went on to say that it taught Somali children using a Christian-based syllabus.  It also stated that members of the capital’s security forces were also amongst the dead and injured as well. It said that the ministry was an “enemy base” that receives support from non-Muslim countries and “is committed to removing Somali children from the Islamic faith.”

The car bomb attacks killed more than 100 and injured more than 300.  The exact death toll is still not yet known as there are still pieces of flesh and body parts being collected.  

Al Shabaab carried out another attack in the Somali capital just a few weeks ago at the Hayat Hotel.  Again scores of Muslims were killed in that attack as well as Shabaab justified their killings by stating they are continuing their fight against the government forces.

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