Russian Forces Fearing Ukrainian Offensive


Russian occupation authorities in Kherson, southern Ukraine, announced on Tuesday (November 1st) that they had begun the displacement of thousands more people. Ukranian forces have been leading an offensive for several weeks to retake the Kherson region, advancing from west to east.

“We will resettle and transfer up to 70,000 people” who are currently in a strip 15 kilometers deep to the east on the left bank of the Dnipro river, said the governor installed by Moscow in Kherson, Vladimir Saldo.  Last week, the Russian occupation forces had already announced that 70,000 civilians had left their homes located to the west on the right bank of the river and closer to the front line. 

The water supply for the inhabitants of Kyiv has been restored. The announcement was made on Telegram by Vitali Klitschko, the Ukrainian capital’s mayor, on Tuesday.  “The energy supply” has also been restored, said the city councilor, even if cuts are still in order.  Nearly 80% of Kyiv residents were without water on Monday after Russian strikes.  More than 300,000 homes were also without electricity.

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