Russia Resumes Strikes on Civilians in Syria


Thursday morning 8 September Russia’s occupation forces conducted more than 11 attacks on the Sahel al-Rouj area west of the city of Idlib with four jets targeting civilians in the villages of Hafsarja, Quneitra, and Sheikh Yusuf west of Idlib. The attacks, which used cluster munitions on civillian targets, resulted in seven confirmed killed with more than a dozen injured, including children.

The strikes targeted a stone cutting mill and a civilian house on the outskirts of Hafsarja village, and another targeted other civilian structures the Al-Ghafar area in the Rouj Plain, which was also bombed with a surface-to-surface Russian Tochka ballistic missile loaded with illegal cluster munitions in conjunction with the air strikes.

Remnants of the Russian Tochka ballistic missile which carried banned cluster munitions

Russian Tochka ballistic missile used against civilians in Syria
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