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Arab Leader Making it Easier for Citizens to Get Drunk


In this Arab nation they just chenged legislation so alcohol can be easily accessible and now it’s 30% cheaper! Do you know where?

The Syrian Crisis May Explode Again (VIDEO)


The tripartite meeting between Turkey, Russia and Syria arouses the anger of Syrians. The Syrian people living in the liberated areas refuse any reconciliation with the Assad regime, despite the declarations made by the Turkish authorities. The Syrian opposition forces, backed by Turkey, also refuse these negotiations, according to the declarations. A situation that risks […]

طلاب الجامعات يرفضون أي مصالحة مع نظام الأسد(فيديو)


بعد إعلانات عن تقارب الحكومة التركية مع نظام الأسد ، يواصل سكان المناطق المحررة شمال حلب التظاهر ضد أي مصالحة مع النظام المجرم. واليوم يتظاهر شباب جامعة حلب ضد هذه التصريحات.

Students refuse any reconciliation with the Assad regime (VIDEO)


After the announcements and rapprochements of the Turkish government with the Assad regime, the population in the liberated areas north of Aleppo continue to demonstrate against any reconciliation. Today it is the young students of the University of Aleppo who are demonstrating against these statements.

“الشعب السوري قال كلمته : “لن نصالح


خروج مظاهرات حاشدة في معظم المدن السورية رفضًا للمصالحة مع نظام الأسد اجرينا لقاء مع الشيخ أبو مالك من دائرة الافتاء في مدينة اعزاز لمناقشة الاحداث الأخيرة

Turkey-Russia-Syria: Tripartite meeting in Moscow


Turkey announced the shape of a definitive solution to the Syrian issue, in Ankara’s first official statement, after a tripartite meeting that included its defense minister with his Russian and Syrian counterparts (Assad regime).  Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said he stressed at the meeting that “the solution to the Syrian crisis must be in […]

American families file lawsuit against cement giant Lafarge


Families of some American servicemen who were killed fighting against ISIS in Syria are suing French cement giant Lafarge after the company pleaded guilty to making payments to the terrorist group. A lawsuit launched by the families of three US servicemen killed in attacks on ISIS says: “The defendants’ payments and their business partnership with […]

Algerian authorities arrest journalist Ihsane El Kadi and shut down his radio.


An important figure in Algerian journalism and media director Radio M and Maghreb Emergent, Ihsane el-Kadi was arrested on the night of December 23 to 24, around midnight, 60 kilometers from Algiers. According to his family, six men from the General Directorate of Internal Security (GDIS) showed up at the door of the family residence […]

Taliban prohibit women from working in national and international NGOs


Taliban authorities have ordered national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to no longer employ women. The economy ministry reportedly received complaints that women were not respecting an appropriate dress code, he told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Saturday (December 24th). “There have been serious complaints about non-compliance with Islamic hijab and other rules and regulations relating […]

Turkish Minister of Defense: We are in talks with Russia to use the airspace in northern Syria


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said, in a press conference, that Turkey is in talks with Russia to use the airspace in northern Syria, in a possible military operation against the “SDF” forces. “We are in talks and discussing with Russia about all issues, including opening airspace,” Akar said during a press conference, in response […]