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Poll: Big Disconnect in Morocco Regarding Supporting Israel


Arab Barometer asked citizens in Morocco about their views on the normalisation between their country and Israel, and 64% either strongly opposed (34%) or opposed (30%) it. On the other hand, only 32% of Moroccans said they favour (25%) or strongly favour (7%) normalisation.  While Morocco did not have formal diplomatic relations with Israel until […]

The blood of a Muslim has No value


The recent media reports of Prince Harry’s imminent book mention the 25 Afghans that he murdered whilst serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan during 2012-13. The prince describes those he killed as “chess pieces” removed from the board. He also justifies these killings by saying they were “bad people” eliminated before they could kill […]

The World Muslim Communities Council Praises China (VIDEO)


The UAE based The World Muslim Communities Council ignores all of China’s abuse of the Muslims in E Turkistan and praises their efforts to “combat terrorism”.

Syrian People Disconnected From Leadership (VIDEO)


The Syrian people in N Syria protested strongly against negotiations with the Assad regime. Is the Syrian Provisional Government listening?

Russian Plan Thwarted by Weather (VIDEO)


Europe is experiencing a particularly mild autumn and winter at the moment. A potential windfall in the midst of an energy showdown with Russia

The Taliban respond to Prince Harry


The Taliban administration in Afghanistan has criticised Prince Harry after the British royal said in his memoir that he had killed 25 Afghans when serving as a military helicopter pilot, describing them as “chess pieces removed from the board”. “The western occupation of Afghanistan is truly an odious moment in human history and comments by […]

Elderly Protestor Brutally Stabbed in Idlib After Rally (VIDEO)


Abu Bakr Khadraa participated in a demonstration in Idlib and called upon Abu Muhammad Jolani to return the weapons to the fighters that he charges HTS with stealing. A few days later, he was attacked by masked men. Is there a connection?

UAE’s Foreign Minister Meets Assad ahead of Three way Meeting (VIDEO)


Ahead of a just announced meeting between Russia, Turkey, and the Assad regime, UAE’s Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed met with Assad. What did they discuss?

Should Cristiano Ronaldo Be Allowed to Live with His Girlfriend in Saudi Arabia? (VIDEO)


Soccer champion Cristiano Ronaldo now plays in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, who isn’t married to him is accompanying him. It is illegal for unmarried couples to live together in the birthplace of Islam. Or is it?

4,449 Mostly Muslim Families Have Been Evicted in India (VIDEO)


Another crackdown on Muslims living in Assam state in India is underway. Here is what you need to know about the affair.