Organized Migration Planned from Turkey to EU Countries


The organizers of the “Convoy of Light”, which includes asylum seekers in Turkey seeking to reach the European Union, called on the participants to prepare sleeping bags, tents, life jackets, water, canned food and first aid kits.. The organizers are working on plans for the convoy and publish them on the official convoy website. One of the organizers, who asked not to be identified, told press the launch date would be announced “when the time came.”

The organizers explained that the convoy would be divided into groups of 50 people each, with a leader assigned to each detachment, warning that any participant who”offends the state” will be expelled from the convoy and handed over to the authorities.

The organizers also urged the participants to “think about the way back” (should they be sent back or enable to reach Europe) and not to sell all their property and “not to throw their children and families to death.” The union considered that while the refugees In Turkey, have been protected and hosted for 10 years, “western countries” have to share the burden, and its time for them to play their part.

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