Kazakh Foreign Ministry announces launch date of Astana 19 on Syria


Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry announced the date for the 19th round of Astana talks on Syria in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan, in late November.

Kazakh Foreign Ministry spokesman Ipek Smadyarov said that “the 19th round of high-level talks of the states guarantors of the Astana track for a settlement in Syria will be held at the end of this month.”

The Kazakh Foreign Ministry had previously stressed that the “Astana path” negotiations on Syria do not replace the Geneva negotiations, but rather “in addition”, according to it.

All previous meetings and discussions in the “Astana” format have resulted in similar statements confirming the commitment of all parties to the unity and independence of Syrian territories and the need to fight “terrorist organizations”.

The ‘Astana’ talks on Syria began in 2017, in the Kazakh capital, ‘Astana’ before changing its name to ‘Nur-Sultan’, under the tutelage of Turkey, Russia and Iran  , but it has not contributed to any progress towards a comprehensive solution.

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