Internal Fighting Rages in Syria Between Rebel Factions 


Fighting erupted today between different rebel factions in northwest Syria, following the assassination of Syrian activist Mohamed Abd al-Latif known as Abu Ghannum, along with his pregnant wife in Al-Bab in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo on Friday 7 October. Mohamed Abd al-Latif is a Syrian activist who hosts the popular media outlet “Marssad Akhbar Al-Bab”. Abu Ghannum’s assassination and that of his wife aroused the anger of the local population and sparked demonstrations that took place in the city demanding the immediate arrest of the culprits.

Mohamed Abu Ghannum and his wife were murdered while riding a motorbike in the town of Al-Bab. Surveillance cameras enabled local authorities from the National Army, Jabhat al-Shamiya, to trace the men who were following Abu Ghannum and made several arrests in the city.

After several interrogations, the culprits admitted to having assassinated Mohamed Abu Ghannum and to being linked to the Al-Hamzate Division, another faction of the National Army, which prompted Jabhat al-Shamiya to carry out an offensive against the whole al-Hamzate headquarters in the area.  The authenticity of the confession video could not be independently verified by OGN.

In a related event, other factions of the national army including Harakat Nour al-Din Zinki have joined Jabhat al-Shamia in taking control of al-Hamzate HQs in the southern Afrin countryside. According to our sources, the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham organization also mobilized its men near the border between Idlib and Afrin, to intervene in the conflicts with the al-Hamzate Division.

While the liberated areas in northern Syria were rocked by the assassination of Mohamed Abu Ghannum, the mobilization of Abu Muhammad Jolani’s gunmen (HTS) with the Division of al-Hamzate, aroused the suspicion of many activists accusing HTS of having a hand in Abu Ghannum’s murder.

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