HTS Now Has Ahrar Sham in their Crosshairs


It has already been several days since the Islamic Movement of Ahrar Al Sham announced a reform in its ranks after having removed from his post “Ameer Al-Shaykh” the former leader of the Movement to replace him with “Yusuf Al-Hamwi”.

This important decision was rejected by Ameer al-Shaykh and his HTS ally Abu Mohamed Al-Jolani. Thus  the flames of factional conflicts have been rekindled, especially between the Ahrar Al-Sham Movement and HTS.

Abu Mohamed Al-Jolani tries has been supporting Ameer Al-Shaykh by all possible means, militarily and through campaigns of arrests and threats against the leaders of Ahrar Al-Sham, in an effort to maintain his influence in the liberated areas of northern Syria.

Today, HTS reportedly called on Ahrar Al-Sham to completely withdraw from front line positions against the regime, surrender all their weapons, and refer all leaders to the HTS military tribunal within 24 hours.

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