Germany: Normalization with Assad ‘will Recreate the Conditions that Led to the Revolution’


The German government affirmed its position rejecting normalization with the Assad regime, as well as its support for the Syrian people. The German Special Envoy to Syria, Stefan Schnick, said in a tweet on that normalization will not solve any of Syria’s problems, but rather will re-create the conditions that led to the revolution.

He added, “Unconditional normalization can never be effective. We have put pressure on the Assad regime and the sanctions policy will continue until we witness a change in the behavior of this regime.”

In continued show of support for the Syrian people, Berlin decided to extend the reception program for Syrian refugees residing in Lebanon, with the aim of receiving 300 refugees next year. So far, the program has made it possible to receive 209 Syrian refugees from Lebanon in the past two years.

Syrians in Lebanon are especially in danger as the Lebanese government had promised to hand over Syrian refugees to the Assad regime, despite warnings from the UN and human rights groups that they face, imprisonment, rape, torture and murder upon their return.

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