FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar Authorities will Allow LGBTQ Fans to Kiss in Public


FA Chief executive Mark Bullingham has assured LGBTQ fans that Qatar’s authorities will not arrest gay and lesbian fans displaying public affection for the same sex during the upcoming November-December tournament.  It has been circulating that LGBTQ  football fans were planning to stay away because of the legal matter in the gas rich country.

“They have absolutely told us all the right answers for anything we’ve talked about, even down to the point of are rainbow flags allowed?” 

Their response? “Yes absolutely as long as someone doesn’t go and drape them on the outside of a mosque-that was one example we were given-and were disrespectful in that way.”

Harry Kane, England’s captain has already said that he plans to wear a rainbow armband in the Muslim country during his stay.

Allah has given immense wealth to the state of Qatr which is led by Tamim bin Hamad Al Thaanee.  OGN reported on documents directly connected to Saudi Arabian authorities that the sale of alcohol and it’s consumption in Muhammad bin Salman’s new city he is planing to build, Neom, will be allowed. The UAE plastered Queen Elizabeth’s image on all of it’s landmarks to mark the legacy of her 70 year rein as queen. It should be noted that not a single image of an Islamic scholar or Mujahid has ever been known to have been honored in this fashion after their death as Queen Elizabeth was.

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