Expert: Twitter Infiltrated by Intelligence Agents


A Saudi sister was sentenced to 45 years in prison and another for 34 years recently by the Muhammad bin Salman regime for their activities on Twitter.  Now yesterday’s revelations to Congress by Twitter’s former security chief, Peter Zatko, are shaking the foundations of social media users.

While the now Twitter Whistleblower’s testimony didn’t mention the Saudi women, he did say, ““I am here today because Twitter leadership is misleading the public, lawmakers, regulators and even its own board of directors.”  

“They don’t know what data they have, where it lives and where it came from and so, unsurprisingly, they can’t protect it,” Zatko said. 

“It doesn’t matter who has keys if there are no locks.”

Zatko mentioned with “high confidence” of the presence of Indian and Chinese agents on Twitter’s payroll.  According to Zatko there aren’t nearly enough security protocols to know which Twitter employees are accessing which data and possibly abusing their access.

Twitter denied the allegations made by Mr. Zatko.

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