Enjoy The Qatar World Cup


“Qatar is the first Muslim country to host the football World Cup. Isn’t that fantastic? Muslims should be excited.”

Be proud Muslims

Munzir ibn Sawa Al Tamimi, the ruler of Bahrain, which extended from the coast of Kuwait to the south of Qatar, embraced Islam after Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) sent Al-Ala’a Al-Hadrami (ra) to carry Islam to the region.

The people became part of the Islamic ummah. They left idolatry and embraced Islamic values; governors (walis) implemented the shariah over the society, aiding the ummah and sending men to convey Islam as part of the dawah and Jihad of the Islamic Khilafah state. That is something to be proud of. That was then. What about now?

How Muslims can enjoy the Qatar World Cup

*Forget the many migrant workers who died in terrible working conditions, in order to build air-conditioned stadiums and hotels, so you can enjoy a sporting spectacle. Their lives couldn’t have been that important?

*Ignore Qatar’s treacherous agreement allowing brutal Zionist occupiers of Palestine to fly-in and enjoy the world cup festival.

*Ignore the over $200billion spent on preparing for the world cup; while the ummah starves in Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere.

*You have to ignore Qatar’s suspension of those few Islamic shariah laws that they implemented. So alcohol will be allowed during the World cup because people need to ‘enjoy’ themselves. Isn’t that what the world cup is all about?

*You have to forget that Qatar’s Al Udeid airbase hosts UK and US planes from where they fly bombing missions in the region. You have to forget how many Muslims have been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan by British and American planes and drones from Al Udeid. That’s OK because those Muslims are not Qataris?

* You have to forget the hadith saying the blood of a Muslim is worth more than the Ka’aba in the sight of Allah (swt).

Abdulla bin Umar said – I saw the Prophet (ﷺ) doing tawwaf around the Ka’aba saying “How sweet/ good are you and how sweet is your scent. How great are you and how great is your sanctity. By the One who the soul of Mohammad is in His Hand, the sanctity of a believer is greater with Allah than your sanctity” (Ibn Maja)

*You have to forget the Qur’anic ayahs that remind us that life isn’t just mere play.

If a Muslim is able to ignore all these matters, then it is possible to enjoy the football World Cup in Qatar.

Success of Dawah in Qatar

The Western secular culture puts ‘enjoyment and seeking pleasure’ as the main purpose in life. When the rulers in a Muslim country are willing to spend 100s of $billions and abandon Qur’anic rulings so that people can fly in and ‘enjoy’ themselves: the dawah from the West has been a huge success on these rulers.

In the time of the Khilafah, Muslims carried the dawah of Islam to the world. Today, our so-called rulers are at the forefront of trying to impose secular capitalist values on Muslim societies. May Allah (swt) destroy their thrones.

May Allah (swt) protect us from accepting what is displeasing to Him when it is wrapped up as ‘entertainment’. May Allah (swt) enable us to hold on to Islamic values and demand their implementation in Muslim societies by the return of the Islamic Khilafah state.

Like before, Qatar will one day be part of the Islamic Khilafah state when it returns soon, inshaAllah. Its men and women will once again be part of that vanguard that carries Islam to the world. The wealth found in Qatar will again be used for the benefit of the ummah and mankind at large.

Taji Mustafa

Twitter: @tajimustafa

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