Damascus ‘Worst City’ According to the Economist


The Syrian capital, Damascus, maintains its previous classification as the worst city, given the living conditions this year, having been ranked similarly last year.

In a survey of cities in Africa and the Middle East, Damascus tops the list among the “least livable” beating out Lagos, Tripoli, Algiers and Harare, which also made the list.

Abu Dhabi was ranked “most livable” city in the region along with Dubai, Kuwait City, Bahrain and Tel Aviv.

The Economist wrote:

“As in last year’s survey, Damascus, Syria’s capital, has the world’s worst living conditions. Under Bashar al-Assad’s brutal dictatorship, some 90% of people in Syria live in poverty.”

Despite hefty support from Russia, Iran, and China as well as state run Narcotics industry flooding the Middle East with drugs and the theft of property from thousands of displaced Syrians Assad’s corruption and mismanagement has turned one of the Levant’s most prosperous cities and countries into an impoverished unlivable state.

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