China’s New Genocide Weapon: Starvation


This is the image of a Uighur man who is believed to have starved to death in East Turkistan.  Chinese authorities are now using their Zero COVID campaign to imprison Uighur families in their homes and not allow them to have food.  Some residents are protesting as they say they have money so food can be brought to them but no food has arrived.

Images have made their way to social media showing truckloads of nan bread but apparently it is not reaching the homes of Uighur families. Other images of fruit and vegetables rotting away in huge storage facilities have angered people as well.

Posts highlighting the suffering of the starving residents are routinely taken down and the owner’s social media accounts are flagged in China.

Apartment Building Welded Shut by Chinese Authorities in East Turkistan

Some homes and buildings are welded shut by the authorities to keep residents from coming out. Medical facilities are off limits to residents as well. Uighur residents have complained that Han Chinese, whom are non-Muslim, are taken to hotels if they test positive for COVID, while some Muslim families have complained that they are taken to tents even if none of the family members have tested positive for the virus.

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