Affidavit Claims: Terrorist Hindu RSS & BJP Planned Bombings to Incite Division in India


August 30 former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) member, Yashwant Shinde, submitted an affidavit claiming that the RSS, a Hindu supremacist paramilitary, had carried out multiple bombings across India with the intent to foment hostility between Muslims and Hindus by implicating Muslims in the false flag attacks to polarize Hindu votes in favor of its political ally, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This occurred shortly before 2014, the year the BJP swept India’s parliamentary polls and brought Narendra Modi to power as Prime Minister.

Yashwant Shinde, former RSS member

Shinde recounts how with the cooperation of officials he was tasked with taking a group of candidates to Jammu (formerly Jammu and Kashmir) to be trained by Indian army.

“In 1999, …Indresh Kumar told [Shinde] to get hold of some boys with fighting spirit and take them to Jammu where they would be trained in the use of modern weapons. …Selecting the boys for this purpose, there was a state-level meeting of VHP, in that meeting [Shinde] was introduced to Himanshu Panse of Nanded [after which, Shinde] …took Himanshu and his 7 friends to Jammu. There they received training in modern weaponry from the Indian Army jawans.”


His affidavit also alleges that the group later carried out bombings with the complacency of police forces:

“They carried out many bomb blasts across the country and with the help of biased police and one-sided media blamed them on Muslims. That helped them [BJP] in 2014 Loksabha elections.”


Given the blatant disregard for its own laws it is doubtful that the ruling BJP party or its terrorist RSS wing will face any real consequences as a result of legal proceedings, yet this testimony provides yet more shockingly insight into the level of calculated hatred and terrorist practices of extremist parties like BJP and RSS.

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