A Syrian child beaten by his employee in Lebanon


A video recording of a Syrian child being assaulted by Lebanese working as a shepherd has sparked widespread anger on social media. The child appeared in a recording after a man found him alone at night asking him the reason for his condition, and the child said, while eating a piece of bread and olives and drinking a cup of tea, that he had been beaten.

He added that he works as a shepherd of sheep and cows for one person in Lebanon, but on the pretext of being late for work, employers brutally beat him. He explained that the beatings had affected his right eye, and had knocked out a tooth.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has expressed its deep concern over the growing manifestations of discrimination and racism against different groups in Lebanon, and the disastrous effects of discriminatory measures and practices on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the country. The Observatory said in a report released earlier that Lebanese authorities impose racist laws on an estimated 1.5 million Syrian refugees and 175,000 Palestinian refugees living in the country. 

These laws restrict their guaranteed rights to work, health care and movement, and make them vulnerable to ongoing security harassment under various pretexts, according to the report.

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