Syrians in Germany Demand to Cut off Funding Assad Regime


Syrian activists in Germany have launched a campaign called ‘Stop Assad Funding’, to end requests by refugees to obtain official papers from the Assad regime’s embassy in the capital, Berlin.

Campaign organizers have announced that German authorities are forcing hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Syria to help fund the Syrian state of torture.

In a statement released on behalf of the campaign, they explained that the refugees are demanding payment of huge sums from a state that deports, tortures and kills their acquaintances, friends and family members.

The statement points out that Germany requires refugees to obtain a passport from the Syrian Embassy, ​​whether to extend their stay or obtain German citizenship. He added that the Syrian regime received around 100 million euros from Germany, due to the imposition of the passport.

The campaign also disseminated the stories of affected Syrians and called for the signing of a petition to be submitted to the German authorities.

The campaign called for stopping the flow of funds to authoritarian countries through the practices of the German authorities, and for the residence permit and naturalization procedures not to be conditional on cooperation with the authoritarian regime, the recognition that cooperation with the regime is an unreasonable practice for refugees, and that the federal government guarantee the protection of all those who have fled Syria.

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